Blogathon, Italian-Style: Week Two

Well, this week attracted a mighty duo of entries, both of which were written by bloggers who have participated in blogathons with me before. It’s an honor to have them here!


, the exuberant proprietress of the blog Critíca Retrô, discussed not about a single film, but about the legendary film studio, Cinecittà, that churned out some of the most epic movies ever produced. As she notes, “If there was another dream factory that sometime rivaled Hollywood, this was the Cinecittà. In the 1950s, in particular, it was even the favorite destination of American masters to film productions that made history.”


The insightful Ratnakar of Seetimaar: Diary of a Film Lover pays homage to the greatness of Italian art and culture through his review of Il Postino, the story of an unlikely friendship between a poet and a postman. He observes, “Love is dealt with in the purest form here. This is not a standard rich handsome Wall Street kind of guy, falling in love with a working class girl, kind… And that’s what makes this love story so touching. It is realistic and straight from the heart.”

If you’re hankering for more great blogging, be sure to check out the entries from week one of the blogathon! There are still more to come…

And, bloggers, if you’d like to submit—there’s still time! Click on the banner below to find out more.


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