Now You’re Talking! Let’s Chat about Film Dialogue for #MTOS

eveI’m honored to be hosting another #MTOS tweetalong! For those of you who haven’t yet participated in this enlightening Twitter event, MTOS or Movie Talk on Sundays is a weekly discussion of a subject pertaining to film. I invite everyone to join in at 8 p.m. GMT for some good cinephile fun.

This time I’ve chosen movie dialogue as our topic.

I realize that’s a pretty vast subject, and we’ll only be scratching the surface with the questions below.

So, fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.

Q1. Do you seek out and enjoy dialogue-driven films? Why or why not?

Q2. To what extent is great dialogue about creating memorable lines? What other aspects/goals are important?

Q3. What’s a movie that, in your opinion, has brilliant dialogue? What makes it so good?

Q4. What’s a movie that you find “talky” or overwritten in terms of dialogue? Explain.

Q5. Of directors who don’t write their own scripts, name one who handles dialogue scenes well. What is s/he doing right?

Q6. Name a writer-director whom you consider a master of dialogue scenes. What makes his/her work effective?

Q7. Name an actor whom you consider especially gifted in bringing the nuances out of dialogue. Elaborate.

Q8. How does genre influence a film’s dialogue? Tell me about a specific genre and what you expect the dialogue to be like.

Q9. Within a given movie, dialogue/styles of speaking often illustrate contrasts between characters. Give an example.

Q10. What is your favorite movie conversation or dialogue scene (not just a movie line, please)? Why?

Isn’t It Romantic? Discussing Rom-Coms at #MTOS

sabrinakissFrom Girl Shy to Some Like It Hot to When Harry Met Sally, many of the most beloved and bankable films of all time fall under the fluid label of “romantic comedy.”

But does this genre get the respect it deserves? Or is it even a genre at all? I guess we’ll just have to tweet this one through…

In case you’ve never taken part in #MTOS, which stands for Movie Talk on Sunday, this weekly discussion brings together film lovers from around the world to chat on Twitter. The wide range of perspectives always makes this social media phenomenon a treat, so follow the hashtag and share your thoughts. I invite you to join in what promises to be a very cuddly, quirky, serendipitous discussion on Twitter this coming weekend, on August 17 at 8:00 p.m. GMT (or 4:00 p.m. EDT), and laugh about love again.

Allow me to pop the question(s)…

1. How do you feel about rom-coms in general? How often do you watch them?

2. The rom-com has a reputation as a “girly” or “feminine” genre. Discuss.

3. How do you define the conventions or characteristics of a rom-com? In other words, what do you expect to see in one?

4. Now, name a rom-com that intentionally *subverts* our expectations and does it well.

5. Okay, the big question—what, in your opinion, is the best romantic comedy of all time? Why?

6. What’s the worst rom-com you’ve ever seen? What was so awful about it?

7a. Who is the ultimate rom-com actor? Why?

7b. Name your favorite rom-com couple. What’s so special about them?

8. What, in your opinion, is the best “meet-cute” scene you’ve ever watched? What worked well about it?

9. Rom-com elements are often combined with other genres. What’s a successful example of this?

10. Some critics have predicted the end of the rom-com. Will it bounce back? Has it even declined? Or are we in for romcompocalypse?