TCM Discoveries Blogathon

Turner Classic Movies recently launched a new tagline and campaign “Let’s Movie,” which invites a wide audience to explore the network as “the ultimate gathering place for film fans to share the magic of the movies.” This concept got me reminiscing about all the great movies I’ve discovered—and the warm online community I’ve been welcomed by—thanks to TCM.

On September 19, TCM is encouraged everyone to take a Let’s Movie Holiday to share the joy of cinema with friends and family. This blogathon celebrates the movies we’ve found (and the friends we’ve made) through TCM. Thank you all for participating and reading!

The Posts (in alphabetical order by movie):

The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) | Old Hollywood Films

Black Narcissus (1947) | The View from the Back Row

The Crowd (1928) | The Road is All

Dangerous When Wet (1953) | Journeys in Classic Film

The Enchanted Cottage (1945) | The Buffalo News

The Exile (1947) | The Nitrate Diva

Gaslight (1944) | Meaghan Walsh Gerard

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) | Second Sight Cinema

Gold Diggers of 1933 |

Good News (1947) | Nitrate Lights

The Great Dictator (1940) | The Hollywood Revue

The Hitch-Hiker (1953) | The Ellie Badge

I’ll Be Seeing You (1944) | Joel’s Classic Film Passion

In Name Only (1939) |

La Jetée (1962) | filmvulture

Joe McDoakes shorts | filmmonkee

A Knight Without Armour (1937) | Now Voyaging

Laura (1944) | My Classic Movies

M (1931) | Cinema Gadfly

North by Northwest (1959) | Flickin’ Out

Reap the Wild Wind (1942) | Movie Mania Madness

The Reluctant Dragon (1941) | Crítica Retrô

Remember the Night (1940) | The Hitless Wonder Movie Blog

Slither (1973) | Thirty Hertz Rumble

The Thin Man series | The Motion Pictures

Thrill of a Romance (1945) | Love Letters to Old Hollywood

Too Late for Tears (1949) | Once Upon a Screen

The Unknown (1927) | Aperture Reviews

Vivacious Lady (1938) | Cinema Cities

Waterloo Bridge (1931) | Distilled from Stars

Why Be Good? (1929) | Outspoken and Freckled

The Wicked Woman (1934) | The Movie Rat

Young Bride (1932) | Immortal Ephemera

Hopefully Coming Soon…

The Cinema of Us | The Graduate (1967)

Criterion Blues | The Harder They Fall (1956)

Criterion Creature | More Than a Miracle (1967)





63 thoughts on “TCM Discoveries Blogathon

  1. TERRIFIC IDEA! I’d love to join this. Difficult to choose with so many films introduced to me on TCM through the years so I’m going with my debut of TOO LATE FOR TEARS (1949) at this year’s TCMFF. Hope that works. 🙂

    Once Upon a Screen (

  2. I’m just starting a tumblr for movie reviews/classic film related things does that count?
    If it does I’d like to write about More Than A Miracle or C’era Una Volta (1967) with Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif

  3. Hey—love this idea! I’m torn between stuff I discovered on the channel or at the festival…So many possibilities! I have a short list of about 6. When’s the deadline to pick one?

  4. This is a great idea! I’m quite late to the game and wouldn’t be able to contribute a new piece in time, but I wanted to ask if I could use something I wrote and published previously on discovering the awesomeness that is ON APPROVAL at last year’s TCM Fest. I would of course add something in about the blogathon and one of your banners. Let me know if this is OK – if not I understand. 🙂


      • No worries. I feel like it’s been a busy few days for a lot of us 🙂 I’m at a wedding now so I think I’ll have to sit this one out, but I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!


  5. Hey!

    I’ll be posting (second sight cinema; ghost & mrs muir) but not until this evening, perhaps around 9… just wanted to confirm that you would still be updating.


    • Yes, that’s fine! I’m actually late to my own blogathon on my own post (story of my life). That’s probably around when I’ll be putting out the masterpost with links to specific entries.

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